Group Project – Perry Frightening

For Making Network Culture, we made a group project called Perry Frightening. It is clear that our group works well together when the original concept was to do something Batman related and we each contributed towards the shift in concept.

Neko (being the visual influence) suggested we needed simpler characters and costumes – so we dropped the batman idea and agreed on a detective story.

I, (being the story influence) suggested we needed a simple structure, so we drew up a short story map ensuring each part of the story only had two links and that they over-lapped so that our options wouldn’t go too far outside the core story.

Kallen (being the spontaneity influence) came up with the name Perry Frightening after a team-effort joke involving the initials P.I. (which originally meant Private Investigator, but the meaning shifted as as the name initials changed and the joke got lost). He then wrote an on-the-spot script for a scene just to see what sort of jokes and story we could get from it, and then when we all read from the script, Daniel was a clear winner as the main character’s voice because by being both the voice and editing influence, he was able to add lines and change things up to really suite the character he was going for.

In the second stage, I was unfortunately sick with migraine, but Kallen wrote up a beat-script for each stage of the map, and Neko wrote up the storyboard for what would happen in each scene. I then made up for my absence by taking the beat script and created the official script, which required tightening the structure and adding dialogue to make the story come to life while also ensuring that it made sense. The biggest flaw I found was that due to having story beats overlap, it had both simplified the direction of the story and yet over-complicated the multiple places an audience member could have been linked from.

By the end, shifting everything around resulted in an original link map so different that we stopped paying attention to it (and then lost it). Due to our teamwork early on, certain story points had been collectively agreed on in order to keep a basic foundation under the project, and these story elements (such as who the dead body was, why they had been murdered, or who murdered them) remained the same all of the way through the project.

When the third stage of filming kicked in, trying to navigate from script to map to filming was complicated only with so many elements going on, but we eventually recognized that the unintended strength of post-dubbing the dialog meant that I could hold the map and direct whoever filmed (which was Daniel mostly but Neko for some of it), ensuring that everything in the script was located by camera.

Daniel and Neko then both edited together, with me and Kallen overseeing on the outside in case there was anything Daniel or Neko couldn’t see due to hours of working personally with it. In the end, it came out as well as we had all hoped and all considered it a collective achievement.


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