Market Yourself; Market Your Blog

These days, a You Tube or blog persona is even more of a focus than the content. If your content quality pales, audiences will remain loyal because they enjoy the very fact that it is you making the content. This is because, mostly, bloggers and by extension their persona’s take the “do what you love for a living” so if you really want to make money on a blog, base it around your lifestyle interests. Also, a marketing Ted-Talk once noted that a lot of companies go “What, How, Why” but it leaves motivation – the reason audiences invest – until last. It is much more effective to take the approach of “Why, How, What” so this is my strategy. In my case, my blogs are about storytelling, and my approach is thus:

Why:  I enjoy the concept of storytelling and was once an anxious amateur reading through every Storytelling Theory book I could find – and always thought it would be good to have one place where all of that information has been collected. Note that this immediately gives me a target audience: new writers who relate to that anxiety, and old writers who want to refresh on their theory.

How: I will adapt my wordpress blog into an official blogging website, add a large image / logo, and then create small magnetic business cards – they would be magnetic because I was once taught in a short course “People are more likely to keep fridge magnets than fliers or business cards – fridge magnets have a pre-designed keeping spot” On top of that, I would become a walking advertisement. I would design a shirt with my logo and, since I live my interest, discuss my storytelling blog wherever possible and by extension meet potential customers / competitors.

What: I will post weekly blogs, every sunday for consistency, and then organize the blog into elements so that the topics of the blogs are more easily sorted into bigger topics.

My marketing goal would be to become the go-to site of the industry; as there are a few out there already that I follow but they are not very nicely / creatively designed or well organised, so mine would have a more colourful design to it, and pool different kinds of theory from everywhere possible in an attempt to become the definitive collection. It would also be to get a regular audience, potentially through analyzing movies so that after most of the theory is covered there are still new weekly storytelling subjects to write about.



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